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What Happened Within This Player’s Skull

When player No. 81 took this blow to his head several years ago, it was just one of many concussions that have occurred throughout college football and the N.F.L. But what made this one different was that this player was wearing a mouth guard with motion sensors. The information from those sensors has given researchers a more detailed and precise window into what was happening within the player’s brain in the milliseconds after the hit


Multi-Specialty HealthCare (MSHC) Rocks a Socks Event

Amazing things are afoot when people come together for a noble cause.

At MSHC, we recently teamed up with Helping Up Mission, a charity foundation in the city of Baltimore, to collect and donate socks for the homeless. An often forgotten about item, socks are in high demand and help those most in need stay warm during the year’s coldest months.


Heavy Duty: Are you prepared to treat the rising population of obese patients?

Outpatient facilities everywhere are caught in a bind. As patients get larger, their potential client bases get smaller. At least, that is, if facilities adhere to the traditional dictate that treating morbidly obese patients in an outpatient setting is likely to be too risky.


Maximizing Your Doctor Visit

By James Beauchamp, D.C.

A trip to the doctor is one of life’s more stressful events, particularly after accident or injury.  You are suddenly thrust into the role of being a patient, which implies a certain sense of passivity.  You should never be passive when it comes to your health!  I want active patients, people who will participate with me in solving their health problems.  So I am going to explain to you, from a background of 27 years of practice, how to get the most out of your doctors visit by being an active participant in the process.