Attorney Portal - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have the ability to print a Charges only or Summary statement?
What does the User Maintenance option entail?
How can I maximize the client search feature?
How can I create a Mileage Reimbursement Form?

Clean Charges Only Statements
You not only have the option to print a Detailed Statement which lists all transactions for a case, but you can also print a:

  • Charges only statement which omits any payment and adjustment transactions on the account.
  • Summary statement which is a one page summary of the Medical, Physical Therapy, MRI or Baltimore Work Rehab activity for the case.

Simply select the desired output drop down option next to the Statement Link before printing the statement.

User Maintenance
The Confidentiality Agreement signed by your firm when requesting access to the MSHC Attorney Portal specified that each firm agrees to β€œAllow access to our web portal ONLY to personnel who have an essential need for access and request access user names and identification unique to each individual.”
Each firm has a designated user with User Maintenance Rights. This individual has the ability to:

  • Assist each user in the firm with changing their password.
  • Unlock an account after too many unsuccessful login attempts.
  • Update the email address associated with each account.
  • Add new users to the portal for new employees of the firm.
  • Delete accounts of staff who are no longer employed by the firm.

Client Search
When searching for your clients, less is more. Rarely is it necessary to enter multiple search criteria. This also increases the possibility of entering incorrect information, resulting in a β€œNo records to display.” message. The more criteria that you enter, the more limited the results will be, so here are some tips to help you find your clients more easily.

  • Attorneys: If you have multiple attorneys in your firm, use the Select All button in case the client is linked to a different attorney than first thought.
  • Name: Enter only the last name or even a portion of the last name. Usually this is enough to locate the desired client. For common last names enter last name < space > a portion of the first name. Do not use a comma separator between the last and first name.
  • Account: Searching by our internal account number, if you have it handy, is one of the most specific methods for locating an account.
  • SSN: When searching by social security number, enter only the last 4 digits. This is usually sufficient to locate the client.

Mileage Reimbursement Form
If you produce Mileage Reimbursement Forms for your clients, we have an option that will make it a little easier.

  1. Access the Appointment History screen for your client either by clicking on the History link from the Client Search screen or from the Appointments link on the Case Summary screen.
  2. You will want to filter the list to only include kept appointments.
    • Enter the word β€œKept” in the filter block under the Status column heading. If it is not displaying click the Refresh button.
    • Click the filter options button to the right of the field and select Contains.
    • This will display only the appointments with a status of β€œKept”.
  3. Next Click the Export to Excel or Export to Word option. This will automatically open the selected program and you will have a list of all of the appointments that can be reformatted to serve as a mileage report.
  4. Note: We do have a Mileage Report enhancement planned to include an option that would not only produce this report for you, but will automatically calculate and include the distance from your client’s home or work address to the MSHC office where the patient was seen. We will notify you when this becomes available.

    We are always open to ideas for making our MSHC Attorney Portal work better for you! If you have any ideas for changes or added features, please complete our Feature Request Form which can be downloaded from the Portal web page on the website and submit them to Mike Erway via email: or fax: 410-933-1823.